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We crawled out of bed around 11.30am. We caught the bus to a temple which was very beautiful, and made somewhat more ‘interesting’ by a bunch of middle aged Chinese men drunkenly following us around and asking us incomprehensible questions (more so for us than Mark as we don’t speak any Chinese!)

We went to the Lingnan area for breakfast. It is so beautiful, I just wanted to take it home with me.
We took some photos and walked around the Ip Man museum before going to the Lingnan area for breakfast. Lingnan is so beautiful, I just wanted to take it home with me. So many nice shops, bars and restaurants with quirks and art everywhere you look.


We went to an Irish pub called The Paddy Fields and got an enourmous baguette; I had tuna fish. After using the wifi for a while we walked around some more, took photos of the bell tower and other interesting buildings then went for a look around some shops along the busy main street. I stumbled upon an INSANELY cheap import store called Pnigsog where I bought mascara, eyeliner, a new makeup bag and blingy necklace for the grand total of 40 rmb (around £4)!

Mark and Will walking through Lingnan's narrow alleys full of interesting shops, bars and cafes.

Mark and Will walking through Lingnan’s narrow alleys full of interesting shops, bars and cafes.

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Bell Tower, Lingnan

Bell Tower, Lingnan


More shopping…

Feeling pretty sweaty, we headed back to Mark’s flat and chilled for a while. Mark was working 7-8pm so we chilled on his comfy sofa and read. We arranged to meet him by the bus stop near his work just after 8pm. The bus only took 5 mins and was easy to navigate. Right next to the stop was another cheap import store called Miniso, where I bought a wireless mouse, ceramic knives, another necklace and new sunglasses for a total of 90 rmb.

After this we went to a Lebanese restaurant called El Forno, where Mark was meeting up with the owner to discuss holding a networking event there. We had a starter of houmous, pitta breads and egg plant salad (more like a salsa, a bloody delicious lemony salsa, which I’d REALLY like the recipe for!) Then I had a main course of 3 chicken breasts cooked in rosemary and served with med veg. We had a bottle of red and let Mark discuss business for a while then went for a drink at a bar nearby with crazy cool décor that felt very much like a western gastro pub, which as playing live music. Mark and Will played a dice game which seems to be very popular in Foshan. It was very loud and I was very tired so we only stayed for one drink before heading home.

Mark’s spare bed, now vacated by Alicia who had gone to Hong Kong, was basically a solid block with a thick blanket over the top. Chinese mattresses are HARD! I am no good at sleeping on hard surfaces so opted for the sofa for the night, which was actually very comfy.