Stone stelae



We phoned a tour guide to arrange a trip to see the terracotta warriors the next day. We found him on a Tripadvisor forum for 350rmb. Because it was still raining hard we decided to go to two museums. We caught a taxi first to the Xi’an museum, where there were some interesting ancient stone scultptures and stone entrances to tombs. Next we went to the stelae museum – stelae meaning stone tablets with calligraphy carved into them. It was based in a temple style building and while all of the writing was in Chinese, some of the art was very impressive and the stelae quite old – 2-3 thousand years old.

Stone stelae at the stelae museum, Xi'an

Stone stelae at the stelae museum, Xi’an


It was still raining when we got back to the hotel. We went to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant and ordered a drink but when we asked about the food we were told it was 270 rmb per head for an all you can eat buffet. Not having the largest of appetites I considered this a bit too much so we went back to Dolce Vita. I ordered the same thing and this time clam and courgette linguine is actually what I got! We got an early night ahead of our 7.30am wake up the next day.