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Xi’an Terracotta Warriors


We grabbed a lovely buffet breakfast at the hotel and met with our driver outside the hotel. Will though seemed to have eaten something that disagreed with him and didn’t feel right the whole day. Our driver bought the tickets and we wondered in. The museum itself comprises 3 pits and a building to house the bronze chariot, apparently the largest bronze in the world. We took the advice of the Lonely Planet over our tour guide by going first to Pit 3, 2, then 1, followed by the bronze chariot (although the Lonely Planet didn’t mention this). The pits are huge, especially pit 1 which is an air craft hangar.

It was very crowded and difficult to get space to look at some of the more popular spots around the pit, especially the small exhibition area to the side of the pit where they have some of the more impressive and different warriors. You are only able to walk around the edges of the pit in a circle not amongst them so you are never very close. Regardless it was impressive and very interesting.

Cycling on the ancient city walls of Xi'an

Our driver was quite keen to take us to the usual tourist spots around but we declined the majority of them, mainly because Will wasn’t feeling great and partly because we weren’t that bothered by them and wanted to do the city walls in our precious remaining time in Xi’an. We agreed we would go to the Jiang mausoleum because it wasn’t far and only took 5 mins to do. That seemed to keep him happy. It was basically just a pretty garden, and unfortunately it meant very little to us. One thing to look out for is the tourist attractions in Xi’an all seem to have several names, so it is hard to know which ones are being referred to.

Cycling the Xi’an City Walls

We got back to the hotel, had a shower then got a taxi to near the East gate of the city walls. We climbed some steps up the top of the wall, which is wider than it is high, and hired a bike each for around 150rmb total and leaving a 400 rmb deposit.

Cycling on the ancient city walls of Xi'an

Cycling on the ancient city walls of Xi’an


We cycled down to the south gate stopping many times along the way to take in the views and get some snaps. It was a fantastic way to take in the city and a novelty to ride a bicycle across the tops of ancient city walls. We dropped off the bikes at the south gate and got a taxi back to the hotel. Then we got dressed to go out for the evening and caught a bus to the Muslim Quarter, which was quite exciting being our first experience of travelling by bus in China!

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The Muslim Quarter – Xi’an

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The Muslim Quarter – Xi’an


A product of plain Bob – Chinese menu option

Spicy sheep hoof - Chinese menu option

Spicy sheep hoof – Chinese menu option


We wondered through the Muslim Quarter where I tried some strange looking foods from street stalls and soaked up the noise, smoke and atmosphere that was in abundance all around. We stopped next to a restaurant with only a name in Chinese, and decided to go in – we are getting very brave! It had pictures on the menu and some interesting meal options – goose bladder, sheep’s hoof, a product of plain bob?! We ordered by pointing and got some delicious food – noodles, squid on a stick, chicken and egg fried rice, roast potatoes and beef in black pepper sauce. It was all delicious and way too much for us to eat! We ate what we could, had some juice shakes then headed back to the hotel. We stopped off at Churrasco, a Brazilian restaurant in the hotel complex, and had a glass of red wine outside before going to bed.