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Re-thinking Your Branding for the New Normal

Did you know?

Good branding can:

  • slash your marketing spend
  • attract ideal clients
  • increase sales
  • attract higher paying clients

Good branding is not:

  • just pictures and words
  • overpriced witchcraft that nobody understands

The world is changing, fast. Perhaps you’ve had to completely rethink your offering. Perhaps your business will return but in a different way. Is it time to rethink and rebrand for the new normal?

In this interactive session we will look at successful brands to decipher what makes a good logo, what makes a bad logo, and how colour psychology works in logo design. We will give you ideas for developing a ‘branding toolkit’ for your business that goes beyond a logo to creating a library of useful assets.

There will also be some fun quizzes to test your brand knowledge!

Each participant will have the opportunity to come on live and reveal their logo for advice and guidance from the group and host that could change the face of their brand for the new normal.

You will need:

  • Zoom software downloaded to your device, but creating an account is not necessary
  • A business card with your logo printed or some other visible way to share it with the group live on the day
  • A note pad and pen

This workshop is free to attend. Zoom meeting password will be emailed to all attendees before the live event.