LouisaWheelerI’m Louisa Wheeler, a branding specialist, marketer and copywriter. In my past life I have tried my hand at antiques, auctioneering, wine selling, telesales, logistics and retail… never hurts to try a few things out, right?! Now I’m passionate about helping small to medium businesses look their beautiful best.

Ever since I was a child all I wanted to do was draw and write. I remember running around the house desperately trying to find a pen and paper as fast as I could because I felt like the urge to draw was going to burst out of me. My mum called this an ‘art attack’.

Somewhere along the line though, this became a faded memory that I buried inside myself. I found myself in my late 20s in a comfortable job in swanky Knightsbridge in a beautiful building working with lovely people. All sounds great, right? Well it was, to begin with. But the job I had was 9-5 paper pushing, admin-based work, and after 3 years I felt like my soul was dying. I was still a creative person at heart and there was very little creative outlet for me.

One dull January morning at work I asked myself, what can I do to fill this gaping creative hole in my life? I browsed the internet for ceramics painting courses, which I thought sounded fun, and 30 minutes later I was enrolled on a module in traditional tile design on the World Arts degree course at Birkbeck University. This small step changed my life.

Tuesday evenings became my favourite time of the week. I would immerse myself in a world of beautiful Islamic art and tile design, and nothing else mattered. So much was my immersion that the Prince of Wales was standing outside the study room and I didn’t even bother to catch a glimpse of the future king! (Something I do actually regret now!)

It helped me realise that something was seriously wrong and I was getting more and more unhappy. I couldn’t sleep, I put on weight, I was EXHAUSTED. Then something amazing happened. Air Asia one-way flights to Kuala Lumpur went on sale, FOR £90 ALL IN. It was too good to miss. My partner and I bought the tickets, and a plan to go travelling was born.

We visited Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in five months. My goal was to finally figure out what I wanted to do while I was out there, and seek a different way of living to the 9-5. Sure enough, while staring out of a bus window in Vietnam, I had my realisation that I needed a creative career, using my creative design eye every day to help others. At the same time I knew travel had to be a part of my life.

When I came home, with no money and only half a plan, I wrote to a company that sold beautiful hand painted tiles, and I got a job as their Marketing Designer. I loved my job and the work I was doing. I gave them a rebrand, designed flyers, adverts, brochures, newsletters, signage; I even went to Italy with them and sourced beautiful tiles.

But the recession had a different plan. After 3 years there, they were suffering so badly they laid lots of people off, and reduced my hours. My boss suggested I go self-employed and find other clients to supplement my income. So I did. I started telling everyone I was a freelance graphic designer. And luckily, a friend of mine who runs a design agency needed some help, so I started working for him initially alongside my old job. He was my mentor for about a year and a half, by which time I had enough of my own clients and knowledge of how to run a design agency to almost stop working for him entirely.

Fast forward to today, and I have a small team around me helping transform small to medium businesses with beautiful branding and savvy marketing, and I am crazy about my business. Still inspired by tiles and interiors, my foremost love is businesses involved in décor, as well as foody businesses like restaurants and local food producers. I am passionate about helping other women in business, helping local businesses grow and succeed in the community, and supporting businesses that are sustainability-focused with conscience. These are the businesses I love to work so I can help them make their business look beautiful and ultimately grow and succeed.

I also make sure I take time out every year to travel somewhere amazing. In the past five years I have been to Thailand, Sweden, Burma, China, Italy and The Philippines. It is my goal to take my business with me while I travel at least 3 months of the year, and inspire others do the same.

The rest of the time though, you’ll find me in my comfortable home office in the beautful city of Wells, Somerset, with a cup of mint tea. I love walking in the countryside and swimming (but nothing beats swimming in a tropical ocean), eating chocolate and watching live comedy, music or a even a bit of Shakespeare.

Now, take a look at my portfolio, and if you find yourself thinking, ‘I like that, I wonder if she could do something like that for me?’ The answer is almost certainly, yes. Drop me a message and let’s make some beautiful designs together!

What we do

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  • Web Design 85%

  • Copywriting 65%

  • Marketing 95%